Add Responsibility & Opportunity To The Pledge Of Allegiance

We believe the time has come to add the words “Responsibility” and “Opportunity” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

When our nation’s fathers wrote “to improve the general welfare” in the U.S. Constitution, and “certain unalienable rights, of  Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, they were writing about each person having the “Opportunity” to be included in a self-governed nation, and a liberated economy, and society.

As a nation, are we abandoning these basic principles of our Constitution?

Our children and our adult citizens need to realize that there is more to creating a great nation, and an inclusive economy than “Liberty and Justice for all.” Too many of our children grow up without learning their responsibilities to themselves, other people, and our country.

Liberty, Justice, Responsibility, and Opportunity; Our citizens, young and old, should learn, at a young age, that all four of these cornerstones, of our market economy and Republic, must be emphasized, and are necessary to continually improve our economy, and nation to be the best they can be for all our citizens!

As time has passed we have found it necessary to change the Constitution of the United States of America as our nation has changed.  We have also changed the Pledge of Allegiance several times.

There have been many changes to our nation since the original Pledge of Allegiance was written in the 19th century. We have now moved into the 21st. century.

More people live and work in and around cities now, rather than on small farms and ranches. The number of religions in our Nation has changed; demographics and racial makeup have all changed since the original Pledge of Allegiance was written. We have become more interdependent on each other to survive and prosper in our modern economy.  When people are irresponsible or they are denied the opportunity to fully participate in our economy our nation and economy are weakened.

Our children should know that Liberty and Justice cannot be maintained without people being responsible.  They must know how to create, and take advantage of opportunities that come available to them in the “land of the free.”

Our children need to know that when people are irresponsible, they lose opportunities to succeed. People must realize that responsibility is a two sided coin. Responsibility is: “responsibility for”, and “responsibility to”.

Our nation’s leaders, elected Representatives in Congress, and our Presidents have spoken about increasing opportunity, and personal responsibility many times.

Let’s put the promise of America in writing, so it’s a contract about our citizen’s future. Our children should know, at a young age, what they are striving for and know the future they deserve and will want.  That the doors of opportunity will be open to them if they are responsible.

I propose that all four words Liberty, Justice, Responsibility and Opportunity be included in the Pledge of Allegiance our children say each morning.  In this way, with the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, it emphasis “Liberty, Justice, Responsibility, and Opportunity For All” at the beginning of each day. Their teachers will be there and will have the opportunity to discuss the meaning of the words with their students.

After we add the words “Responsibility” and “Opportunity” to the Pledge, it would become more personal to all our children, because they would be talking about their futures. They will learn that they are responsible for making themselves ready for the opportunities that will be available to them in America, “The Land of Opportunity.”

Perhaps, the children that have not yet learned responsibility will learn to act more responsible, thereby gaining more opportunities to succeed in obtaining their “American Dream’; whatever it is!!

As a free people, we all have the right to be different, and to be created equal.  As citizens of this great Nation, we love the United States of America for what it is; a strong, and just Nation of free citizens tempered with compassion.  A nation of states that are indivisible, not indistinguishable.  As citizens of this great nation and parents of our children, we have the responsibility to leave a better future for our posterity as prior generations have done.

The “modern” Pledge of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty, Equal  Justice, Responsibility, and Opportunity for all.”

Fellow Citizens, President Trump, former Presidents and President Obama, Congressmen, and Congresswomen,  of the United States of America, please join us in giving direction to future generations in fulfilling the American experiment of LIBERTY, EQUAL JUSTICE, RESPONSIBILITY, and OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.

Please support us in changing the Pledge of Allegiance, as other Presidents and Congresses have done in the past. The Pledge of Allegiance should be made more relevant to future generations of American citizens!!  Equal Justice  and Freedom, the written promises of our great Nation’s Fathers, can be realized if we maintain the promises for future generations.

Help empower our children, and Nation to be the best they can be, sign the petition to make it happen!!

Please share this article and petition with everyone you know, the President, and all your representative in the state and federal Congresses. Together, we can do this!!!

Real change in a country starts with education!!!

Say it, think it & learn it, and you will achieve it.

Thank You for signing. Together We Can Make A Better Future For Our Children!!

Leonard C.Tekaat





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