Video – Billionaire Explains How The Economy Currently Works


Economies get into trouble after asset prices rise excessively. The Fed either raises interest rates to decrease speculation, or lets the economy implode, as it did in 2008.  It then has to lower interest rates excessively to help heal the economy. The process of relying solely on the Fed to stimulate, and slow down the economy is flawed. There is a better way to maintain stable prices, and full employment, (the Federal Reserves mandates.)

View these two videos before reading the article “Proposed Solution For Modern Economies That Create Financial Crisis And Bubbles!!” posted at

“How The Economic Machine Works” This%20is%20what%20%2411.83%20trillion%20worth%20of%20household%20debt%20looks%20like&utm_content=COTD

Link to a second video, “Money From Nothing” that explains how the Federal Reserve and banks create money, set interest rates, controls the money supply, and helps to create boom and bust economic cycles.

If video does not load copy link and paste in browser, or search for the title on UTube


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