Chris Hall Petition At Change.Org Introduction And Location Letter


Hello! All Groups, Members, and Fellow Americans

My name is Chris Hall, I have stared a petition on to increase affordable housing, and home ownership.

Will you and your membership, if you are a group, PLEASE take 30 seconds to make a difference in people’s lives!! Right now?

  Sign and read the complete petition here.

Short Link to this page. Please feel free to use it to direct people to this page, or to tweet about this petition.

Please inform your members of this very important petition, or forward this letter to all your contacts, members, and concerned parties.

 The petition on

“Increase Home Ownership And Affordable Housing Safely – Change Tax Code To Stop Wall St. Firms, Hedge Funds, and Investors From Investing In Single Family Homes” and I need your help to get it off the ground.

Congress will be debating income tax reform very soon. Unless the people raise their voices , Wall St. and accredited investors will continue reducing affordable housing, and home ownership by the middle class, and the working poor. We will become a nation of renters.

First we need to petition Congress to remove all tax benefits that investors enjoy when purchasing a single family home after 11/9/2014. Empower families with new mortgage terms to purchase, or refinance an owner occupied home. And then to repair the home they buy, if needed, a tax deduction should be enacted for the cost of repairing the home, as investors have now.

Repairing the homes will increase economic activity, and employment. Hundred of thousands, perhaps millions, of single family homes will be repaired, and improved by owner occupied owners, or contractors.  Home values will be maintained.  Neighborhoods will be improved, and maintained. The supply of housing will increase.  Homes will become more affordable.  Home ownership will increase in a rational and secure, manner.

Watch full episode of “Wall St. Landlords” on Aljazeera America channel 219 on ATT U-VERSE. If video does not load, it means Aljazeera America has had to take it down.  Search on the internet for similar videos on Aljazeersa America, You Tube, or for the title “Wall Street Landlords.” People are video documenting the economic imbalances of Wall St., and accredited investors investing in single family homes!! Prices of homes, and rents are rising too fast in some housing markets again.

Please join your neighbors, and make a positive change for your family by signing this petition. It will only take you 30 seconds.

The current process of maintaining employment, and economic activity is not efficient. It is better to help prevent deep recessions, financial crisis, and high inflation than to wait until they happen, and then rebuild employment by restarting, or expanding existing businesses, and creating more new businesses to get back to full employment again. Is that what we call progress?

The foreclose crisis has given the rich the opportunity to grab more income producing assets to increase their wealth. We need to change this economic injustice NOW!!!

Think ahead! Single family homes have increased in price 1000% since 1960 because of excess demand, and speculation. You, your children, or your grand children will want to buy a home some day! It is time you start looking out for yourself. Wall St. and investors are at the front of the line. Speak up, that is the only way we will be heard!!. Tell Wall St,, State and Federal Congresses, HUD, and the President that you have had it up to here, you know where that is, and you are not going to take it any more. You are ready to fight back. Enough is Enough; Let them know, You are mad as hell, and that you, and your family are not go down again without a fight.

After you sign the PETITION.go to for more ground breaking ideas to help people succeed, and prevent foreclosures. If people create policies for a market economy that creates opportunities for people to succeed, fewer people become government dependent.

Short Link to this page. Please feel free to use it to direct people to this page, or to tweet about this petition.

Will you and your membership please take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link where you can also read the complete petition here.

Thank You!
Chris Hall


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